Podcast Launch    $1200 (First Month)                                                                                                                                                         
Website configuration*                $300.00 value
Consultation                                  $450.00 value
Custom Podcast Art                      $300.00 value
Intro and Exit Audio                      $200.00 value

Record & Edit First Month            $600.00 value

TOTAL VALUE                                    $2050.00


$1200 for first month & $600 per month with 6 month commitment

What is Podcasting?

Podcasts are digital media files (most often audio, but they can be video as well), which are produced in a series. You can subscribe to a series of files, or podcast, by using a piece of software called a podcatcher. Once you subscribe, your podcatcher periodically checks to see if any new files have been published, and if so, automatically downloads them onto your computer or portable music player for you to listen to or watch, whenever you wish.

 Podcasting attracts people who want the ability to choose their own content (much like using the Internet), instead of the TV and radio model of broadcast where you tune in and select from one of the programs playing. It shares common ground with other time shifting technologies like your DVR, which allow you to download programs and watch whenever you want..

We believe you should have a weekly podcast based on your area of expertise. Interview other people in your industry who can provide value to the tribe or platform you are trying to build. Your goal is to build an audience of people who cant wait to hear the gold nuggets you have for them every week. To begin with, you can do a podcast based on each chapter of your book. After that continue to educate, entertain and inspire your people!