1. Gives you the opportunity to share your expertise.
  2. It establishes your authority on a specific topic.
  3. It differentiates you from your competitors.
  4. It's a great marketing tool for social media.
  5. It's the greatest business card ever.
  6. It can help you launch a new business.
  7. It allows people to spend times with you, your thoughts and ideas.
  8. It allows you to tell your story and many other stories.
  9. It's a product you can sell.
  10. It adds voltage to your seminar or speech.
  11. Brochures are tossed out, books are kept.
  12. It's easily a $20 gift that cost you much less per copy.

12 Reasons Every Business Owner or
Service Professional Should Write a Book!

Authors like Greg Gunn, Trent H. Gibson, Roxanne Parks, Ross Alan Hill, Randy Allsbury, Kevin Khoury MD, John Gillespie, Chris Easton and more...

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We help small business owners become published authors and develop a marketing plan based on their book

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